Quantum Rolls Out High-Capacity, High-Density Disk Storage

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Quantum Corp. introduced the StorNext QXS-5600, a high-capacity, high-density disk array. Part of Quantum’s StorNext portfolio, the StorNext QXS-5600 is intended as work-in-process storage for a variety of applications, including 4K and 8K video production and postproduction, geospatial imaging, video surveillance, and seismic research and analysis.

The QXS-5600 provides up to 336 TB of raw capacity in 4 RU rack (other configuration options are 168 and 224 TB. On a dollar-per-TB basis, the QXS-5600 is Quantum’s lowest-priced disk storage product.

The QXS-5600 can be used for nearline storage, where having content close by and quickly accessible is essential, or for non-real-time workflow operations where high-density storage provides productivity benefits.