Quantum debuts new version of data management system

Quantum has released version 4.0 of its StorNext data management software, which includes integrated file system deduplication, a flexible replication engine and distributed data tiering. It also includes time code-based partial file retrieval and a Web services-based management console.

The new release addresses the growth in unstructured data, rich file formats resulting from advancements in digital technologies, and extended life expectancy of digital assets can strain existing storage infrastructures. Quantum said it provides enhanced high-speed data sharing and management capabilities to combat these challenges.

Ideal for media and entertainment applications, StorNext now provides advanced data deduplication natively in the file system for nearline data and multisite environments. This new capability is ideally suited for high data growth enterprises where a massive amount of data is continually processed, stored and accessed. Quantum’s variable-length deduplication technology finds redundant data blocks across files and stores only unique data. This was previously applied only to Quantum’s backup solutions.

StorNext’s replication feature provides many options for protecting and managing data across distributed environments. Customers can now protect against unforeseen disasters by replicating critical data to another remote location. Data from a single site or multiple branch offices can be consolidated or protected, enabling continued operations if the source location becomes unavailable.

Customers can also adopt a data distribution strategy to achieve 24/7 global workflow, reducing project timelines and cost. In addition, with its deduplication functionality, StorNext 4.0 can intelligently replicate only unique data, thereby significantly reducing network bandwidth requirements.