Projectiondesign unveils cineo 3+ 1080p projector

The cineo3+ 1080 projector from projectiondesign is a true 1080p HDTV resolution projector that uses 1920 x 1080 DLP technology to offer the reliability and accurate picture detail needed to review digital dailies, post-production work and deliver HD screenings.

Key operational features include a failsafe DuArch architecture allowing lamp replacement while the projector is operating, with no down time. A wider color gamut enabling a rich palette of colors and strongly saturated images is produced using Texas Instruments BrilliantColor technology, and projectiondesign’s proprietary RealColor system simplifies color management, calibration and setup. The cineo3+ 1080 features a full HD-compliant REC709 color gamut, and can even be delivered with a full DCI-compliant color gamut.

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