Prism Sound unveils new SADiE software products at IBC2009

Just 18 months after acquiring the SADiE brand, Prism Sound has introduced a series of new SADiE products that can run as software-only versions. Prerelease versions of the new series are being shown at IBC2009 in Stand 8.E96.

Until now, SADiE users have needed specific proprietary hardware to run their systems, but with the new SADiE packages, users can access all the speed, power and flexibility of SADiE on any computer running Microsoft Windows with ASIO compatible audio hardware, as well as existing SADiE 5 hardware platforms.

  • Key SADiE functionalities being migrated to the software world include: rendering-free editing environment; precision editing to sample accuracy; instant, real-time cross-fade engine; multiple playlists; non-destructive editing; editing and real-time waveform drawing during record; and several powerful editing features. Creative mixing features include a real-time mixing engine and preloaded DSP. Cedar audio restoration tools are available as an option.
  • The new software products are application-based, focused on the core SADiE areas of radio production, TV/film post, mastering, archive/restoration and high-level sound design. With no dedicated hardware requirements, the product range is designed to be more cost-effective, bringing the advantages of the SADiE into new markets.
  • According to the company, the decision to launch a native software solution was driven by key customers whose IT departments have requested the use of native rather than proprietary hardware. It also opens doors into the educational world, with a software-based version of SADiE can give students and educational establishments a far more cost-effective entry point.