Prime Focus Technologies Opens Hollywood Facility

(Image credit: PFT)

LOS ANGELES—Prime Focus Technologies is opening the doors to a new, state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Hollywood.

Through this new Hollywood hub, PFT says it will offer SLA-driven media services powered by secure, automation-led technology. Among the things offered through the facility will be re-mastering services, VFX, film scanning services, color correction, DI validations with LTO migration, HDR workflows, master QC, localization, AI-led auto form for both TV and motion pictures, digital distribution and providing PFT’s Clear technology as a service delivery and service enabler platform.

PFT will also make available its Lowry Digital technology, which delivers quality restoration and enhancement of content from SD to 4K resolution, according to Allan Tudzin, vice president of business development for PFT.

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