Pioneer, Time Warner Cable Launch HDTV Promotion

Pioneer Electronics and Time Warner Cable launched a national HDTV promotion to stimulate market growth, increase HD awareness among Time Warner Cable customers and establish an ongoing relationship with key retailers throughout the country. The joint promotion is Time Warner Cable's first national foray into the retail market to showcase its HDTV service. In an integrated effort to educate the marketplace about high-definition television, cable customers who buy a Pioneer HDTV and subscribe to Time Warner HD service will receive a $500 cash rebate, six months of free Time Warner HD service and Time Warner HD set top box rental and basic installation.

The national campaign evolved from a Pioneer and Time Warner Los Angeles pilot HD promotion that ran last year, which resulted in a 175 percent increase in digital HDTV subscriber growth during three months.

The national promotion, which runs from November 26, 2003 through February 8, 2004, is valid with purchase, from an authorized dealer, of one of the Pioneer and Pioneer Elite high definition PureVision plasma and projection televisions including: PRO-1110HD, PRO-910HD, PRO-1000HDI, PRO-1000HD, PRO-800HDI, PRO-800HD, PDP-5040HD, PDP-5041HD, PDP-4340HD, PDP-4341HD, PDP-5030HD, PDP-5031HD, PDP-4330HD, PDP-4310HD, PRO-730HDI, PRO-730HD, PR0-630HD, PRO-530HDI, PRO-530HD, SD-643HD5, SD-533HD5.