Pharos Interfaces To OmniBus G3 Platform

Denver, CO--OmniBus Systems has announced that Pharos Communications has become the first third-party vendor to interface products to the OmniBus G3 platform. Pharos audio servers are now G3-compatible, meaning users of any OmniBus G3 system can seamlessly integrate the audio servers into their facilities. The first installation of the Pharos G3-enabled audio servers is at the new BBC Broadcast Centre in London.
The G3 architecture is based on standard, open-IT protocols, making it flexible and scalable and allowing broadcasters to use a single consistent interface to integrate, control, and configure OmniBus products and third-party equipment for smooth content-flow management throughout entire operations.
With the G3 interface capability, Pharos audio servers communicate directly with OmniBus systems such that to the user they function as a tightly integrated unit. Now, for instance, any voice-overs recorded to the Pharos audio servers are instantly available to OmniBus automation, making scheduling and play-to-air simpler processes.
"We are very pleased to have taken this step with OmniBus to bring greatly improved facility-wide integration to broadcast operations," said Pharos sales and marketing director Roger Heath. "With the new workflows based on digital and multichannel operations, this kind of integration will become a necessity if facilities are going to attain the efficiencies they need to stay competitive."
Pharos audio servers manage the recording and playback of audio files for radio and television transmission. Announcements and programs can be recorded and filed using the in-built SQL database, and with a powerful search engine, audio files can be found easily and used in playlists or played directly to air.
"From the beginning we have seen G3 as an open platform that other manufacturers would embrace, with the goal of building highly integrated broadcast facilities," said Ian Fletcher, technical director at OmniBus Systems. "The integration with Pharos audio servers has demonstrated the strength of this concept, and we look forward to welcoming more manufacturers on board in the near future."
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