Pebble Beach Systems Rebrands as Pebble

(Image credit: Pebble)

SURREY, U.K.—Ahead of its 21st anniversary, Pebble Beach Systems is rebranding as Pebble. The company says that it is putting a renewed focus on its people, process and technology.

With its new tagline, “Discovering. Designing. Delivery,” Pebble seeks to cement itself as a developer and supplier of automation, integrated channel and content management solutions for TV broadcasters, service providers and cable and satellite operators.

Speaking about the new tagline, Pebble’s Marketing Manager Alison Pavitt says that “[i]t reflects our commitment to building great relationships with our customers—it’s in our DNA.”

“The company has undergone a significant transformation in all areas,” said Peter Mayhead, Pebble CEO. “In addition to building strong financial performance in both 2018 and 2019, Pebble has communicated a clear mission and a strong set of values which we developed in a series of workshops, which involved every member of staff. Our strength lies in our ability to leverage our people, our process and our technology to provide exceptional solutions to the broadcast community, and put simply, the old branding no longer reflected this. I’m proud to introduce our new look to the market today, and even more proud of the exceptional team at Pebble and their energy, optimism and drive, especially in this extraordinary year.”

Part of the rebrand includes a redesigned website, which is now live at (opens in new tab).