Panavision Offers Web Seminar on Digital Imaging Technology

A seven-part series designed to aid in "Demystifying Digital Camera Specifications" is now available on the Panavision Web site. The symposium is presented by John Galt, Panavision's senior vice president of Advanced Digital Imaging and Larry Thorpe, national marketing manager for Canon's Broadcast & Communication Division. It is designed for both professionals and students, and addresses the need for a valid method for assessing quality of digital and film images.

Galt and Thorpe explore in detail such topics as MTF (modulation transfer function), Nyquest theory, optical prefiltering and imager sampling lattice.

"With programs like 'Demystifying Digital Camera Specifications,' Panavision is trying to educate both our customers as well as raise the level of industry discussion about emerging technologies to focus on the science of what we do," said Bob Beitcher, Panavision's president and CEO. "I think that most everyone expects to benefit from a good look-and-listen at this stimulating presentation from two true experts."

The series, in addition to being offered on Panavision's Web site, is also being made available through other trade and media Internet sites and will also soon be available in transcript format with embedded slides.