Panasonic announces delivery of AG-MSU10 portable P2 media storage unit

Panasonic has begun shipping the AG-MSU10 P2 Media Storage Unit, a lightweight mobile workflow tool that simplifies backing up P2 content.

The storage unit is available without a drive (MSU10), preconfigured with a 256GB enterprise-class solid-state drive (MSU10-SSD) or with a 500GB enterprise-class hard disk drive (MSU10-HDD). Delivering fast, stable transfer of data, the compact P2 Media Storage Unit removes the need for computers or larger, more expensive appliances in the field and can quickly free up P2 cards for additional shooting.

The MSU10 has a small form factor with two slots: one for a P2 card,and the second for the AG-MBX10 tray, which supports a 2.5in solid-state drive or hard drive for MSU10 back-up. The P2 Media Storage Unit offers the flexibility of AC or battery operation and includes USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces for easy connection to NLEs.