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PAG Announces New Battery Charger, Distributor

LONDON—A pair of announcements from portable power product manufacturer PAG includes a new battery charger and a new U.S. distributor.

First, PAG is now offering a PL16+ PAG Gold Mount Charger. This four-position charger, in addition to the company’s two-position PL16, is used for charging PAGlink Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries. The charger can handle a maximum of 32 batteries—eight linked on each position—without user intervention. The charger can also provide automatic recovery for deeply-discharged batteries.

In addition, PAG has announced that PAG America will replace Revolve Solutions as PAG’s U.S. distributor. Established to provide a more direct service to U.S. customers, PAG America will be based on the east coast and head-up by Sales Director Bob Carr.