PACE Burbank facility expands 3-D services with Quantel Sid

The Burbank, CA, facility of 3-D specialist PACE has added three more Quantel Sid Stereo3D workstations to its facility to meet a growing demand for 3-D post work. The company now has a total of seven Quantel S3D systems in house.

The new additions are currently supporting productions including “The Three Musketeers,” “Final Destination 5” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth 2.” PACE has also placed a Sid Stereo3D workstation on the set of Michael Bay’s “Transformers 3” and a Pablo Stereo3D grading system for Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo Cabret.”

PACE’s SLATE² SCREEN service helps clients achieve superior 3-D results in a more cost- and time-efficient manner. The workstations are the heart of Pace’s On-Set Stereo Lab workflow, which provides interactive 3-D control in the field and during dailies for the cinematographer and director.

Quantel's Sid is a Stereo3D workstation that comes in two configurations: a full online system and a simple viewing, conform and mastering version (Sid VCM). The Sid tool set includes real-time Stereo3D operation at up to twin HD-RGB, with full, interactive control of convergence, color balance, sync alterations, eye comparisons, imaging errors and editing of both streams simultaneously.