Oregon Public Broadcasting Exec Dies

Michael A. Tondreau, vice president of engineering at Oregon Public Broadcasting lost his recent battle with cancer and died Jan. 30.

Tondreau was active in the expansion of Oregon's public broadcasting service from its humble roots at KOAC in Corvallis, Ore. to its current facilities in Portland, Ore. that includes five TV and DTV stations. He was with the organization for more than 40 years and guided the engineering department during its transition from a state agency to a private, nonprofit organization.

Tondreau was instrumental in the construction of one of the first digital TV stations in the country, which was built on an experimental license in 1997.

He served on the PBS Engineering Committee, and was also host to the 2005 Taste of NAB Road Show. Tondreau was an Amateur Extra class operator, licensed W7BBR, and trustee of the OPB Amateur Radio Club call sign, K7OPB.

"Mike was well liked and respected by all of his peers. He was a genuine nice guy. He had a special ability to take a complex subject and explain it to non-technical people in a clear and understandable way," said Larry Bloomfield, publisher of Tech Notes. "We here in Oregon and those who knew him will truly miss him."