OmniBus displays new features for iTX at HD World

OmniBus Systems will be showing the latest version of its iTX content management and transmission solution at HD World 2009 in New York City.

The company will demonstrate the latest version of iTX, offering more than 100 new features designed to further enhance the flexibility and power of the platform. New features include a range of enhancements for iTX’s HD graphics functionality, including adjustable-speed text crawls, optionally driven from RSS feeds or external text files, and support for full-screen-resolution TARGA sequences.

A new audio processing engine delivers multistream PCM and AC3 capability, remapping and processing of streams with full 16-channel embedded output, automatic multilanguage mapping using language tags and desktop preview monitoring of multichannel audio streams. Support is also included for MOS playlists, external HSM archives (DIVArchive, SuitcaseTV), third-party schedule imports and MXF OP1B, as well as regional channels and split breaks.

The iTX GFX platform delivers high-quality 2D graphics, 3D graphics and real-time DVE effects. Running on an enhanced hardware platform, iTX GFX provides CG capability combined with the ability to handle live video and DVE moves that can be previewed directly on a iTX desktop. Because the graphics are resolution-independent, the same graphic can play out in SD, HD or on Web streams without having to be recreated.

Finally, OmniBus will show a version of the iTX software automation, master control and playout system specially designed for Internet TV and streaming delivery applications. The unique software suite provides all the capabilities needed to produce a highly crafted transmission stream, including video/audio transitions, logo insertions, voice-overs and 2D DVE moves for squeeze-and-tease effects. It creates extra revenue opportunities by enabling the insertion of advertising based on schedule time, cue tones, GPIs, SCTE 104 DPI or manual triggering. Broadcast HD, SD and lower bit rates can be mixed within a single schedule and are automatically up- or downconverted by iTX. Live sources can be scheduled, mixed and branded along with recorded content.