Omnia to Feature New Processors at 2015 NAB Show

CLEVELAND – Omnia, a Telos Alliance brand, has announced that they will present three new processors at the upcoming 2015 NAB Show – the Omnia.7, Voco 8 and Omnia.9sg

The Omnia.7 is a 2RU package that includes Omnia’s “Undo” technology, which restores peaks and dynamic range to heavily mastered recordings. It also comes equipped with a psychoacoustic controlled distortion masking clipper that allows increased loudness without additional distortion. The Omnia.7 also features technology from the Omnia.9 processor like oscilloscopes, FFT, RTA and loudness metering.

The Voco 8 is a digital microphone processor capable of handling up to eight microphones per unit. Full store and recall are available for host settings per channel, or show settings for the entire unit. Each of the channels offers a studio grade preamp, phantom power, and controls for phase, pad, and gain. The Sound4 processing engine features an advanced natural-sounding de-esser, a 3-band noise gate with ultra-fast attack, a 3-band dynamics processor with Sound4’s “HQ192” algorithm, 4 bands of parametric EQ, and a brick wall final limiter.

The Omnia.9sg features the same stereo generator technology from the Omnia.9, including a psychoacoustic distortion masking clipper, “Auto Pilot” which automatically switches off the stereo pilot during mono programming, allowing up to a 12 dB increase in signal to noise, and selectable SSB (single sideband) stereo encoding. Also included is the full suite of test tools from the Omnia.9 with access to both internal and external MPX signal analysis via NF Remote.