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Omneon Spectrum Server System Streamlines Production Workflow at KJLA

Los Angeles-area bilingual television network LATV is using Omneon Spectrum media server systems for master control playout, live production playback of music videos, and in editing applications using Final Cut Pro. The facility's two Omneon servers provide a simple, reliable, and cost-effective foundation for digital media management, sharing, and playout as KJLA transitions toward a true tapeless workflow.

"Omneon's server systems appealed to us because they offer flexible multiformat playback and significant savings with a low cost-per-terabyte price tag compared with other systems," said KJLA Chief Engineer Ken Brown. "The server system is easy to use and extremely versatile, and it has greatly improved our efficiency in working with media. Support from Omneon has been excellent, and we look forward to a continued and successful relationship as we add to our system components and capabilities."

The first Omneon Spectrum server, KJLA's playout server, is controlled by BlueLine Technologies station automation, which manages the four broadcast channels in master control. Because Omneon server systems feature a scalable, distributed architecture, KJLA will be able to expand its playout system as future growth demands.

A second Omneon Spectrum system supports live playback of music videos and is integrated with Apple's Final Cut Pro 5.0 to enable direct editing of the QuickTime-based material. KJLA's edit bays are linked to the Omneon server via a Gigabit Ethernet network, so when an editor grabs a clip off the server, it is ready for editing work immediately. This streamlining of the production workflow helps keep the facility's edit bays running smoothly. A DNF Controls playback controller is being added to the installation to control playback on four of the Omneon Spectrum channels during production and to simplify ingest from a number of sources available in the tape room.