Omneon MediaPort 7000 simplifies broadcast workflow

Omneon has released the MediaPort 7000 series of video I/O modules for the Omneon Spectrum media server system.

In a single, configurable unit, the MediaPort 7000 delivers new multicodec support with enhanced media-processing functionality to streamline playout workflow and simplify the transition to HD.

The MediaPort 7000 series enables the Spectrum video server simultaneously to support a range of codecs, formats, frame rates and resolutions along with fully integrated up/down/crossconversion and simulcast SD and HD outputs for every channel.

The units are available in two- or four-channel configurations and use a slot-based form factor that allows simple addition of channels to existing systems without disrupting on-air operations.

The new generation MediaPort 7000 series delivers full SD and HD back-to-back DV and MPEG-2 playback in any combination; optional support for additional codecs, such as AVC-Intra, playable back to back with DV and MPEG-2; and SD upconversion, HD downconversion and 1080i/720p crossconversion on every channel, regardless of media codec.