NTT Electronics MPEG Gear Completes Pre-Olympic Testing

MPEG-2 encoding and decoding equipment from NTT Electronics Corp. was successfully used in a test transmission of the Pre-Olympic marathon held on April 20. According to NTT, the test went well and the broadcast was carried “over long periods and distances.”

NTT Electronics’ H5000 Series MPEG equipment was placed into service by the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (BOB) from locations in outside broadcast vans, helicopters and motorcycles. Plans call for NTT encoding and decoding gear to be used in connection with the broadcasting of many of the Olympic Games activities.

“The Beijing Olympics, where full-scale HDTV global broadcasting starts, will be a special and impressive Olympics for NTT Electronics, as we provide high quality video codec devices to broadcasting markets all over the world, and focus on the promotion of HDTV broadcasting,” said Hisashi Kasahara, general manager of the Multimedia Systems Division at NTT Electronics. “Our video codec devices will be used by the IBC [International Broadcast Center] and many other broadcasting stations for broadcast transmission of the Olympic Games, as well as by BOB.”

The NTT Electronics H5000 Series equipment lends itself to mobile applications as it is capable of operating on 12 VDC and has a 1 RU profile. The equipment supports 1080, 720-, 576- and 480-line broadcast standards.