NRTC Boosts HD Programming Availability

The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) has announced that it is now offering its rural telco members access to more than 100 channels of high-definition programming through the organization’s TelcoVideo programming.

“We want to give our telco members the programming choices they need , so it’s important that we support advanced services, like HD, in the TelcoVideo contract portfolio offering,” said Jack Harvey, NRTC interim president and chief executive officer. “The availability of 100 HD channels allows our members to build an HD channel lineup that’s competitive in their local markets.”

The organization has been in the process of enhancing its TelcoVideo services, including additional sports programming and retransmission consent advisory services.

The NRTC was established in 1986 to represent advanced telecommunications and information technology interests of more than 1,500 rural utilities and affiliates within 48 states. It provides products and services tailored to rural utilities and their customers, including satellite access to high-speed Internet, advanced metering, mobile phone service and more.