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NHL Expands Datatracking Partnership With SportsMEDIA Technology

NEW YORK—The puck has barely dropped on a new season for the NHL, but the league has announced that it and SportsMEDIA Technology will continue their teamwork to provide real-time scoring and additional data for NHL broadcasts and other platform experiences.

Having worked together for the last 20 years, this new agreement will see an expansion of the partnership with SMT to provide the capture, processing, distribution and visualization of game data, which will now include puck and player tracking, as well as implementation, data integration, distribution and virtual graphics generation.

Among the new services the SMT will provide are the creation of an update Hockey Information and Tracking System (HITS) for official scoring and now the integration of puck and player tracking data; the development of puck and player tracking systems to be installed in NHL arenas; utilizing the SMT OASIS platform and infrastructure to ingest, aggregate and distribute data from multiple sources, and filter and distribute data to NHL applications; and processing and distributing puck and player tracking data in the form of graphics and visualizations to NHL media partners.

“With the installation of SMT’s comprehensive OASIS platform in every NHL arena, broadcasters, fans and other hockey stakeholders will experience a firehose of data seamlessly integrated into easy-to-consume visualizations that showcase never-before-seen insights, predictions and content,” said Gerard J. Hall, SMT CEO and founder.

SMT will work with the NHL to get its technology installed in all NHL arenas by the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs.