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NHK STRL Plans June Virtual Open House

(Image credit: NHK STRL)

TOKYO—The NHK Science & Technology Research Lab will be hosting a month-long open house in June that will feature demonstrations of a variety of futuristic technologies, lectures on new broadcast and media technologies, and “Lab Talks” with NHK STRL staff presenting their research.

Highlights include a demonstrations of "Immersive Media,” which will provide more realistic and immersive content, “Universal Services,” which will bring content to all viewers on a range of devices, and “Frontier Science,” which includes basic research for the future. 

The Japanese public broadcasters NHK has long been on the forefront of developing new broadcast and visual technologies going back to its pioneering work on HDTV in the 1960s. 

More information on the specific presentations and discussions of new technologies can be found here.