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Nexidia Announces Nexidia Illuminate

ATLANTA – The Nexidia family of products has added another bundle to its repertoire with the Nexidia Illuminate. Building off of Nexidia QC, Illuminate allows users to verify captions, video description and language in media files through three products; the aforementioned Nexidia QC, Nexidia Comply and Nexidia Align.

Nexidia Illuminate products inspect the essence of the media as part of its analysis, can process media 40 times faster than real-time using a single processing core and can run multiple files parallel across all cores. This allows for Nexidia QC to run quality control for a large number of files off of a single server.

Incorporated to handle broadcast compliance, Nexidia Comply applies Nexidia’s audio analysis technology to enable automated compliance monitoring of closed-captioning and video description. Nexidia Comply is integrated with other monitoring solutions, like the Volicon Observer, to show Nexidia results alongside other broadcast monitoring elements.

Lastly, Nexidia Align provides automated caption-retiming action for live or framerate converted captioned content, ensuring that captions are in sync with the speech in repurposed content.

All three Nexidia Illuminate products can be installed through Windows.