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NewTek offers new DataLink plugin for real-time data display

NewTek released a new plug-in for its TriCaster and VT[5] integrated production system that links data from external feeds, files or databases to display real-time, rapidly-changing information, such as statistics, scores, times and other dynamic information.

The new DataLink plug-in is designed to handle the production and switching of a fast-paced event, like sports. It automatically provides accurate real-time information, and is compatible with a number of existing systems, including Daktronics, IDS, OES, White Way, and any application that supports connection strings, including database servers. (For a complete listing of compatible applications, see

DataLink monitors changes made within files, updating the display throughout the live broadcast while preserving all custom text properties, alignment and fonts assigned in the CG template. NewTek is providing a free software development kit to give users the ability to customize DataLink to their individual requirements.

System requirements include any product from the NewTek TriCaster line, running TriCaster Software Upgrade 2.0 or higher; or a NewTek VT[5] system, version 5.2 or higher. It also requires an open COM port if connecting to external scoreboard hardware.

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