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New version of Viz Video Hub offers archiving and asset management

Vizrt has added new features to its Viz Video Hub asset management (MAM) system that provide extended support for archiving through a robotic tape library. The Tape Robot feature allows broadcasters to archive huge amounts of video assets directly within Viz Video Hub and can serve as a long-term storage solution because the Tape Robot hardware exchanges outdated tapes automatically.

The new version 2.0 is also now integrated with Avid’s NewsCutter video editing software, in addition to its existing support of Apple’s Final Cut Pro NLE software.

The Viz Video Hub is a scalable system for IT-based production and archiving. It can serve as the anchor for the entire Vizrt workflow, spanning newsrooms, editing stations, channel branding, control rooms and every production task from ingest to playout. The software includes capabilities for ingest and playout, transcoding, browsing and craft editing.

With its support for Viz Link workflow, Viz Video Hub 2.0 allows graphics solutions, including the Viz Trio HD/SD CG graphics engine, Viz Content Pilot for real-time template-based graphics creation, and Viz Multichannel for channel branding, to search for video clips on the MAM storage, retrieve and edit them, and add them to graphics and templates.

The Viz Link support enables video assets contained in the Viz Video Hub to be quickly and easily retrieved and repurposed by Vizrt graphics solutions such as Viz Content Pilot, Viz Multichannel and Viz Trio. Additionally, the video assets of Viz Video Hub can be directly accessed from within the Escenic Content Studio software for managing and publishing media content to Web, mobile and other new media distribution platforms.

Viz Video Hub 2.0 is directly tied to Viz Ingest Manager, a control interface for managing automatic recording of live feeds, as well as Viz Capture from tape, providing easy control of multiple Viz Video Engine video servers.