New USC Galen Center to sport video, scoring, message system

The University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles opens the doors of its new basketball arena, Galen Center, to the Trojan community this summer, and at the heart of it is a complete video, scoring and message system.

Designed and manufactured by Daktronics of Brookings, SD, the system will incorporate advanced LED technology with video and scoring features, such as a custom, fully-digital center-hung scoreboard that will allow fans to become more involved in the game.

The scoreboard is composed of four ProStar VideoPlus displays with the ability to show live and recorded video, scores, statistics, animation and graphics. Each high-resolution video display measures about 12ft x 21ft with pixels on 10 millimeter spacing. The display uses RGB LED technology to present images and information with wide-angle visibility and high brightness.
Located on the sides of each of the four video displays will be eight full-color LED accent displays, adorning the scoreboard from top to bottom in strips about 6in wide.

Other components of the super system are fascia-mounted displays using Daktronics ProAd technology for complete message flexibility. The four fascia displays measure about 2ft x 25ft with pixels on 16mm spacing. When not recognizing sponsors, ProAd displays can show game in progress information, team and player stats, full-color animation and cropped video clips.

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