New TSL audio mixer manages, monitors signals

The AVM-T-Mix ("Touchmix") from UK-based TSL ( not only manages and monitors audio signals, it also can be used to mix up to 10 channels, all in a 2RU unit. In addition, up to 64 audio inputs can be chosen simultaneously from SDI, AES and analog sources.

Much of the control uses a large 22:9 touchscreen display, which also provides dual bar graphs for the 10 channel inputs and master output. Channels can be defined as mono, stereo or ganged together to provide LRC and 5.1 inputs, which are automatically down-mixed inside the unit. A single rotary control provides channel or master level, and pan or stereo balance.

High-quality stereo speakers are also a feature of TSL's range of rack-mounted audio monitoring range, and the Touchmix provides high-quality, near-field reproduction and extended base response. The creative capabilities of the unit make it ideal for any application that involves a number of audio sources, from edit suites right up to large studio galleries.

Because it contains two complete mixers in the same device, the Touchmix can be used for dual operations. One mixer could be sub-mixing communications feeds for an earpiece, or providing a sub-mix for a voiceover session, while the other is providing the master audio monitoring function.