New switcher highlights Key Digital Fat Boy series

Key Digital introduced its Fat Boy Series of AV solutions that support analog video up to 1080p. The main product in the series, the Key Digital KD-MSW8x4 HDTV Matrix Switcher, is intended for retail and boardroom applications as well as home entertainment. The product handles all analog HDTV/SDTV video formats up to 1080p.

The base KD-MSW8x4 HDTV Matrix Switcher seamlessly switches eight sets of component video and/or RGBHV video sources, as well as analog or digital audio. It is also equipped with fade-to-black and video mute features. The base unit allows users to switch all DVD players, satellite boxes, game boxes, cable TV set-top boxes, DVRs and other sources to as many as four separate displays.

For more information, visit;ITEM?ItemCode=KDMSW4X2.