New software simplifies DK-Technologies waveform monitor menu structure

The company has announced new software for the PT0760M HD/SD waveform monitor
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The new DK-Technologies software update for the PT0760M is designed to make the HD/SD multichannel waveform monitor easier to use.

DK-Technologies has updated the software for its PT0760M HD/SD multichannel video waveform monitor.

The software simplifies the waveform monitor’s menu structure, making it easier for users to navigate the PT0760M’s video and audio features. The unit also now has plug-and-play capability and incorporates Dolby Digital and Dolby E decoding, either from embedded audio within the HD/SD video or through separate AES inputs via a Dolby decoder module.

The PT0760M also can provide analog or AES audio outputs with integral level control. This allows the PT0760M to provide an integrated solution for managing and monitoring Dolby Digital 5.1-coded audio signals.