New Graphics from Mdots for the Minnesota Wild Hockey Team & the Detroit Pistons Basketball Team

Mdots has scored with new TV graphics sports packages for major basketball and hockey teams. (Note: Mdots recently also designed and produced broadcast graphics for the Los Angeles Dodgers and LA Lakers, as well as the opening titles for the NFL Opening Kickoff Show.) The announcement was made by Emmy Award winner Allan Wells, president/founder, and Marc Dahlstrom, Managing Director, Mdots.

Mdots will develop, design and produce a new TV graphics package for the Detroit Pistons basketball team. The package includes new screen stats and team comp graphics, a lower third package, graphic transitions, animating backgrounds and starter pages. The package is being delivered in HD and will be prepped for both Deko and Duet implementation by Mdots.

The company will also create and produce a new TV graphics package for the Minnesota Wild hockey team. The project package includes player stat graphics, a lower third package and full-screen player and period animations. In addition, Mdots will also design a full package of interstitials/outerstitials, 3D logo animations and animating backgrounds.


  • Design Director, Vince Jimenez (Pistons and Wild)
  • Designer, Annie Babin (Pistons)
  • Designer, Vince Jimenez (Wild)
  • Producer, Juli Pritchard
  • Creative Director, Marty Wall
  • Design Assistant, Wilt Manglicmot
  • Duet/Deko Systems Designer, Hugh Grew
  • Executive Producer, Allan Wells