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New Century selects UTAH-400/XL routing switcher for HD truck refurbish

Mobile television production facilities provider New Century Productions will place a Utah Scientific UTAH-400/XL routing switcher at the heart of its upgraded HD broadcast truck, NCP IV, which is being refurbished in Pittsburgh.

Since the 53ft truck with a 42ft expansion went into service as an HD truck in 2004, it has carried analog cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors. The main purpose of the upgrade is to install a concave, flat-panel, HD monitor wall that will be cooler, lighter, less bulky and more energy efficient.

The 528-frame UTAH-400/XL router (configured 204x384) is being implemented chiefly to accommodate the new monitor wall displays throughout the truck. Besides being all HD, there are now a great many more monitors.

The UTAH-400/XL requires 20 rack units and is not significantly larger than the 96x96 router it is replacing.