Nevion Adapter Tapped by NEP for Norewgian DTT Network

Janis Jansons NEP Norway
Janis Jansons from NEP Norway, which recently added Nevion's CP524 TS Adapter to Norway's DTT network (Image credit: Nevion)

OSLO, Norway—NEP recently selected Nevion to provide equipment and services as part of an update to the Norwegian DTT network’s headend and regionalization.

At the heart of this was Nevion’s CP524 TS Adapter, which provides input switching (based on SMPTE ST 2022-7), multiplexing, DVB-T adaptation (MIP insertion), IP to ASI conversion and monitoring (TR 101 290 priority 1). It also provides switching with relay protection.

The Nevion gear takes DTT’s main multiplexed input feed from two different sources, selects and creates the regional feeds, then forwards them over fiber to 10 different regions for transmission. The CP524’s redundancy helps ensure transmission is not compromised in the event any part of the flow is disrupted.

“The Nevion CP524 in particular provides a perfect solution for Transport Stream processing for regionalization with multiple SFN adapters in a single unit. We look forward to continue delivering DTT in Norway with the help of Nevion’s solutions”, says Janis Jansons, director, Technology & Operations, Media Services at NEP Norway.

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