NBC Universal adds Calrec Bluefin and Hydra audio networking

NBC Universal has installed a 44-fader Sigma digital audio console from Calrec Audio, as well as a high-density signal processing system and a Calrec Hydra audio networking system, in Studio 2K at the network’s broadcast headquarters in New York City.

NBC Universal has also added Calrec Bluefin technology to an existing 68-fader Alpha digital console. This facility upgrade is designed to facilitate 5.1 surround-sound audio production and to improve the connectivity between various audio resources within the NBC facility.

The network is using the Sigma Bluefin console in its 2K commercial control room, which handles tape integration for the “Today” show as well as commercial integration for remote sporting events. In order to handle the requirements of 5.1 production, NBC Universal has upgraded its Studio 1A Calrec Alpha console, installed in a newly renovated main control room, to Bluefin. This has doubled the Alpha's processing power while reducing rack space, allowing up to 78 full 5.1 simultaneous surround-sound channels.

The Hydra audio networking system provides remote source sharing between multiple different Calrec digital mixing consoles located throughout the building, over gigabit Ethernet, on copper or fiber. NBC Universal has employed Hydra to connect the Studio 1A (home to “Today”) with a 64-fader Alpha Classic in the “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” 3A control room, and the new Sigma Bluefin in the 2K commercial control room during 1A's upgrade to HD.

Since 1998, NBC has used Calrec audio consoles for numerous shows.

For more information, visit www.calrec.com.