NAB2008 to shine spotlight on DTV transition

This year’s NAB convention will offer a series of sessions and panels focusing on the upcoming transition to digital television.

"The Buck Stops Here! DTV Transition Best Practices," a joint session by the NAB and the Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV), will address critical issues facing broadcast stations, including consumer education, tower work, equipment purchases, FCC approvals and coordination with cable and satellite companies.

The session, scheduled for Monday, April 14, is a town hall-style forum that will be moderated by former FCC Chairman Richard Wiley and MSTV President David Donovan.

The convention also will feature a "DTV Trekker," a 20ft customized truck designed to look like a television. The Trekker is part of the NAB's traveling road show to bring information about the DTV transition to viewers across the country.

Additional DTV sessions include:

  • Coming in 2009: Mobile DTV from the Broadcast Television Industry
  • DTV Audio in a File-Based World
  • DTV Broadcasting for Mobile and Handheld
  • DTV Transition: Partnership Opportunities for Cable Operators and Broadcasters
  • How Tomorrow's TV Might Look ... Differences and Progress
  • Mobile TV: Opportunity at 100MPH!
  • Show Me the Money... Business Models and ROI
  • Taming DTV Loudness and Consistency Issues — A Discussion of Strategies to Improve the Listener Experience
  • Television Music Licensing in the Digital World
  • The DTV Transition: Turning the Corner
  • The Future of Digital Media in Television, Film, Newspapers, Magazines and Advertising

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