NAB 2015 Cable & Fiber Preview

Wire, fiber and connectors all make the world we live in go around. Television may change, but there’ll always be cabled connectivity somewhere in the chain. There’s plenty to see in this category at this year’s NAB Show.

will show their Maxxum universal bulkhead panel, a universal I/O panel. Also look for the Micro video jackfield, a 96-position 3 GHz coax device with a modular bulkhead panel, an adapter plate for nearly every camera connector, hybrid electrical and fiber optic breakout modules. You’ll also want to check out AVP’s Delta programmable jackfield.

Bittree CVP0115 Mini Triax PatchbayBITTREE will bring along their CVP0115 Mini Triax patchbays with low-profile connections and offering as many as 2 x 24 positions in just 2RU. The units feature high-bandwidth 3 GHz jacks and straight-through, non-normaling and non-terminating connectivity with low return loss.

CORNING will showcase its line of Optical Cables, including the Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 versions. The cables are 50 percent thinner and up to 80 percent lighter than copper cable and can significantly extend the data transmission range of traditional copper.

will show their MiniMax 19-pin models. For applications requiring smaller devices, have a look at the MiniMax 19-pin, which combines signal and power in a rugged connection that’s about the size of a push-pin.

LEMO’s 0T Series watertight, small-form connectorLEMO will keep things dry with their 0T Series watertight, small-form connectors. They’re based on LEMO’s B Series and include a special construction inner-sleeve, along with extra sealing, to provide IP68 level water protection. This connector is backwardly compatible with LEMO’s B Series.

Artel’s DigiLink Media Transport PlatformFIBER
will spotlight their DigiLink media transport platform for transporting 3G, HD/SD-SDI, ASI and Ethernet traffic over direct fiber, managed optical, and IP networks. Also look for the DL5156, a low-cost 1RU solution for transporting six asynchronous HD/SD-SDI or ASI circuits via fiber.

APANTAC will show its Universal Matrix which supports a mix of inputs and outputs in a single 3RU chassis. The unit handles HDMI/DVI, remote HDMI/DVI over CAT-5e/6 using HDBaseT technology, SDI, and also HDMI/SDI via fiber.

BARNFIND TECHNOLOGIES plans to show off their redundancy switchers, optical splitters and muxes. Units are available as standalone entities or housed in the Barnfind’s BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU frame. Also check out their new CWDM solution which provides up to 108 channels on a single fiber.

BLUEBELL OPTICOM will show off their ShaxX broadcast camera interface for inserting power to broadcast cameras. Also look for the BC364 multiformat SFP interface for use with broadcast A/V signals, the BN366 4K fiber link for transporting 4K UHD signals and the Caddie-LB 4K fiber transport for UHD cameras and ENG/OB units.

COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALTIES (CSI) will roll out their Fiberlink line, which includes the SDI Flex 3394 Series, with bidirectional SDI, DVB-ASI, data and contact closure; the SDI Flex 3390 Series; and the 5200 Series for bidirectional audio, data, and contact closure via one fiber. SDI Flex is available in various versions to support single mode and multimode fiber, as well as a throw-down box or as a card for the Fiberlink card-cage. CSI will also demonstrate its Fiberlink 3500 Series for the transmission of up to four independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals or 4K/60 with no compression or latency.

Multidyne SilverBack 4K5 fiber system for 4K quad-link 3G camcorders

DAWNCO will hit the floor with their long distance extension for four or eight HD/SDSDI digital video signals. It uses single-mode fiber, has built-in mux/demux capability and passes all data on the same fiber. It also includes an aux port for a five-pin terminal block for bi-directional/unidirectional audio or RS-232/422.

FISCHER CONNECTORS will be at the show with their FiberOptic Hybrid connector with two optical channels and two electrical contacts. It’s designed for demanding indoor and outdoor applications where space is limited.

JOSEPH ELECTRONICS will demonstrate their Kick Box Fiber Breakouts that are designed for quick connectivity “fixes” and are ideal for managing and maximizing fiber cable runs. Also look for the Shadow Box that is now a part of the Caddie line of fiber optic interfaces. It provides multiple channels of 3G video, IFB, intercom and audio.

LAKE CABLE will unveil their Stealth Special Ops 7.8 mm hybrid fiber camera cable, their new SMPTE 311camera cable, the latest triax camera cable, and an HDTV video coax that’s rated to 4.5 GHz.

LEMO will display their HD Z-Link fiber optic multichannel camera link system which uses a single hybrid cable with LEMO 3K.93C connectors. Also look for the Serbal, a four-channel mux for HD/SDI-to-fiber conversion, and the LEMO Shack, which converts from SMPTE cable to single- mode optical fibers.

MULTIDYNE will show off their Silver- Back 4K5 fiber system for 4K quad-link 3G camcorders, along with their Mini eXchange Series of compact converters. Also check out the SilverBack 4K camera-mounted fiber transport, the SilverBack-II With Juice camera-mounted fiber transport system and the 4K-4000 fiber transport System for single-mode fiber.

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES will showcase a new version of their Live-Link Jr. fiber-interconnected camera extender system.

SWITCHCRAFT will feature their panel mount, EH Series fiber-optic connectors, as well as a variety of broadcast and pro audio products, including the Micro video patchbays that are popular in mobile truck applications.

AdderLink InfinityKVM
will debut the AdderLink Infinity Dual 2020, a dual head, single link digital KVM extender that can form part of the AdderLink Infinity matrix. Also new is v.4 of the AdderLink Infinity Manager (A.I.M.), with a new hardware platrform with increased power over previous versions, configurable user access rights with a full audit trail and enhanced security. The company will also showcase the AdderLink XD150, a 150-meter, singlehead DVI extender featuring high-speed DVI and USB extension, as well as the AdderLink CCS-PRO4, a state-of-the-art command and control switch which enables users to create a single workspace from multiple computers.

BLACK BOX will launch their new KVM dual-head DisplayPort Extender for use with CAT cables. It supports resolutions up to 4K and accomodates audio and USB 2.0 using dual CAT cables. Also at the booth is the DisplayPort Interface Module for DKM that extends the reach of DisplayPort and USB signals. It supports real-time KVM and video routing from the same platform.

G&D NORTH AMERICA will showcase its line of KVM extenders, switches, matrix switches and add-ons, which include power supplies, control center, network configuration and converters.

IHSE USA will demonstrate their Draco eight-port CWDM mux/demux unit which connects up to eight KVM extender units and transports signals over distances of 10 km via duplex fiber cable. Also check out the Draco Varicage for DisplayPort 4K transmit/receive applications over CAT cable, fiber or a combination of both.

THINKLOGICAL will bring along their TLX Hybrid Video and KVM matrix switches and extenders which offer uncompressed 4K video capability with full color depth at 60 Hz. They work with multimode and single-mode fiber, CAT and hybrid configurations. Also look for the TLX hybrid video and KVM 4K DisplayPort and HDMI extender which uses two fibers or CAT cables.