NAB 2014: Monitors

LAS VEGAS—New display technologies will make the monitors making their debut at the NAB Show as exciting as the revolutionary production systems used to create the content needed to fill them.

BOLAND COMMUNICATION will show their new BVB series of HD broadcast monitors including the BVB17, BVB24 and BVB32, featuring 3G SDI and 3G Dual Link. These now include IMD (In Monitor Display), 3D look up tables, 4:4:4 10- bit color, closed-caption encoding and extended input options.

Canon DP-V3010 4K reference display CANON will spotlight its DP-V3010 4K reference display which offers full 4K picture sharpness for viewing 4K (4096 x 2160) digital cinema-centric and 4K UHD (3048 x 2160) source image formats. It provides high dynamic range, extended detail in shadowed scene areas and a true black level. The DP-V3010 provides internal upconversion to 4K Ultra HD from HD and 2K sources.

For calibrating your display as accurately as possible, DATACOLOR will show the Spyder4TV HD which includes calibration DVDs and Blu-ray discs for use with the Spyder web for attachment to large screens.

DOLBY LABORATORIES will introduce Dolby Vision, a new imaging technology augmenting the fidelity of streaming over-the-top UHD and HD video signals for both broadcast and gaming applications. Dolby Vision technology gives creative teams the confidence to use the full gamut of colors, peak brightness, and local contrast knowing they will be faithfully reproduced for the viewers.

Flanders Scientific CM250 reference monitorFLANDERS SCIENTIFIC’s CM250, the company’s latest professional reference monitor, features 12-bit video, and includes their 24.5-inch flagship CM series processing and a 10-bit OLED panel that can display over 1.073 billion colors on its screen. Flanders will also present their new CM171 professional 17-inch native HD 1920 x 1080 LCD reference monitor.

IKEGAMI will bring along their new HEM- 2570W 25-inch and HEM-1770 17-inch full HD OLED monitors. These next-gen Grade-1 OLED monitors feature mouse connection for menu navigation, 10 patterns x 10 scenes for user markers, a USB terminal to support functions including auto setup, saving an image and full-screen capturing.

The new evaluation-grade QVW-2710 monitor from MARSHALL ELECTRONICS boasts four independent 3G-SDI inputs to display full 4K UHD on a 10-bit, ultra-wide gamut panel. Capable of presenting four separate inputs, the QVW-2710 may be used as a quad-view display. Marshall will also unveil their value-priced MLYNX- 702 dual 7-inch LCD display with a full complement of digital and analog video inputs.

Panasonic BT-4LH310PANASONIC will debut the BT-4LH310, a 31-inch 4096 x 2160 resolution LCD monitor for 4K/2K monitoring either in edit bays, in the field or on the set. The 4LH310’s 4K 10-bit IPS panel faithfully reproduces up to 1.07 billion colors boasting a 3D LUT with six-pole color correction, high contrast (1450:1) and 10-bit image processing to each RGB color, balancing the three primary (RGB) colors with their complementary (CMY) hues.

High on PLURA BROADCAST’s list of new monitors are the PHB-209-3G (7-inch) and PHB-207-3G (9-inch) high brightness portable LED outdoor/sunlight displays. The Plura PBH-3G monitors come with advanced waveform/vectorscope viewers, VPID, IMD, closed caption (608/708) capabilities, 178-degree viewing angles and 3 Gbps inputs.

The new LEM-250A OLED monitor from TVLOGIC is a 24.5-inch reference monitor with a second-generation 10-bit OLED panel and the company’s own 12-bit video processing engine. The LEM-250A features 1:1 pixel mapping modes for SD/HD, multipoint calibration for RGB and white uniformity correction and supports third-party 3D LUT formats for import and export. TVLogic will also bring their cost effective LVM-182W (18.5- inch) and LVM-232W (23-inch) wide-angle broadcast LCD monitors.

Sony BVM-E250A OLED monitorSONY will show off their latest OLED evaluation monitors. The “A” Series includes the BVM-E250A and BVM-E170A Trimaster EL OLED master monitors designed for the most demanding professional cinema and broadcast applications. They feature an improved panel for a wider viewing angle that reduces color shift by half over their previous models. Sony will also show the LMD line of LCD monitors including the LMD-A240, LMD A220 and LMD A170 models.

WOHLER TECHNOLOGIES will feature the MPEG-4290, a 4-RU system with two 9-inch screens; MPEG-3270, a 3-RU system with two 7-inch screens; and the 2-RU MPEG-2443 with four individual 4.3-inch screens. The company will also mark the NAB debut of the RMT-173 Video Monitor, a lightweight 17-inch monitor with support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, VGA and DVI; composite Y/C; and component video inputs. Because the monitor can be configured as a dual-split display, as a large screen with one smaller view, or as a single large display screen, it is an ideal solution for any application requiring intensive monitoring.