NAB 2009: Stars and Marios Awarded

TV Technology tags innovators and ingenuity
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LAS VEGAS: From the new Image Engineering IE Analyzer 4 to Riedel's single-fiber interconnection system, NAB Show standouts were recognized this year again by TV Technology, the tech-focused sister franchise to Television Broadcast.

The Star Awards, launched in 1999 and given by the editorial team at TV Technology, recognize notables across all categories of broadcast technology, from camera accessories and audio to switching and transmission. Forty winners were announced this year.

The Marios, in its 16th year, are tagged by TV Technology's Masked Engineer, Mario Orazio, who always finds something on the show floor that escapes the unmasked eye, or has industry-changing implications. Riedel's MediorNet, for example, “could spark a revolution in sports-TV setup by allowing everything to travel on one fiber,” he said.

The complete list of winners is on the TV Technology Web site.