MultiDyne shows openGear-compatible fiber solutions

MultiDyne, a provider of fiber optic-based video and audio transport and routing solutions, featured its HD-4400 four-channel fiber-optic transport system at HD World 2009. The multirate 3G HD-SDI SMPTE fiber-optic transport system with a 4x4 matrix on both the transmitter and receiver was designed as one of MultiDyne’s first offerings as part of the company’s participation in the Ross Video openGear terminal equipment platform group. MultiDyne also introduced several new openGear-compatible cards in support of the HD-4400, giving users more options and combination choices.

The openGear platform is based on a 2RU modular frame designed to accommodate up to 10 cards in the DFR-8310 frame and up to 20 cards in the DFR-8320 frame. The HD-4400 and its companion cards will give customers more options for fiber-optic transport without the need to invest in multiple frame standards.

Ideal for high-capacity fiber trunking of 3G HD-SDI signals in a broadcast facility, the HD-4400 transmitter card accepts four multirate HD-SDI electrical signals with speeds of 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s as inputs. These inputs are equalized, reclocked and converted to four optical outputs. The receiver card accepts four fiber-optic inputs and converts them to four fiber-optic electrical outputs, which are reclocked and line buffered. Both the transmitter and receiver cards include a 4x4 matrix switcher to cross-connect any of the four input and output channels.

The HD-4400’s 4x4 switching and cross-connect feature provides 3G HD signal routing and automatic redundancy capability. The system can also transport four redundant 3G HD-SDI feeds with automatic protection switching, supporting SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI, DVB, ASI and SMPTE standards 424M, 292M, 259M and 310M.

The new HD-4400 companion cards feature fiber-optic transport, signal distribution, conversion, embedding, de-embedding and synchronization. Solutions available immediately include the 4005 triple 3G/HD/SD reclocking distribution amplifier, 4018 quad monitoring converter – SDI to analog composite and the 4035 input processor for HD/SD analog and HD/SD-SDI input with audio embedding/de-embedding and frame sync.

Additional model variations of the HD-4400 will also be available, providing a variety of fiber transport and switching options, including the HD-4300, triple 3G HD-SDI option with a 3x3 switch for openGear, the HD-4200 dual 3G-HD-SDI with a 2x2 switch for openGear and a HD-4100 single 3G HD-SDI model with one 3G HD-SDI channel and no switch or protection switching.