MultiDyne Introduces DVM-1000 Series

MultiDyne has introduced the DVM-1000 Series of Low Cost fiber optic links for video, audio and data. Now customers can receive state-of-the-art fiber optic technology on a limited budget. With the escalating costs of copper coax and CAT5, fiber optic transport is now very affordable for all applications.

The DVM-1000 9 Bit Video and 24 Bit Audio Fiber Optic Link support one video, 2 audio and 3 data channels. The DVM-1500 Bi-directional Video, Audio and Data Fiber Optic link support 1 video, 4 audio and 4 data channels bi-directionally over ONE fiber. The video Signal to Noise ratio is greater than 62 dB. The DVM-2700 Video and Fiber Optic link support 2 video, up to 4 audio and 4 simplex data channels. The DVM-2700 is available with support for S-Video.