Morrow rolls out VC70/800B

The new Morrow ENG Spectrum Monitoring System VC70/800B allows users to monitor signal level, interference and distortion of the current channel and activity on adjacent channels even before the digital link is established.

It offers two user interfaces. A simple interface makes it easy for the ENG operator to tune in a shot quickly; a second interface provides a full-featured spectrum analyzer with all the tools needed by an engineer to diagnose problems.

The unit allows multiple users to log on at any location with LAN or Internet access. This lets engineers and ENG operators access a spectrum monitor simultaneously – enabling collaboration for quick problem resolution.

The VC70/800B has separate input connectors for both the 800MHz and 70MHz IF outputs on the central receiver. And the user interface lets users switch from one input to the other. The 800MHz input lets users see the current channel, as well as the upper and lower adjacent channels. The 70MHz input lets users monitor the signal that is presented to their COFDM decoder.

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