Miranda Technologies at NAB2006

Miranda Technologies is launching multiple new products at NAB2006 including a more powerful Imagestore Intuition channel branding processor with clip playout, a new up/down/crossconverter with advanced aspect-ratio conversion, picoLink 12-bit miniature interfaces, and a new HD-Bridge with HDV/ASI to HD-SDI interfacing. The HD monitoring range is also being strengthened with new features for the Kaleido-Alto-HD and Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processors, as well as new HD signal monitoring probes.

i) MPEG clip playout for Imagestore Intuition channel branding graphics processor

A video/audio clip playout capability has been added to the Imagestore Intuition SDI channel branding processor to improve the output of multilevel graphics over moving backgrounds. This MPEG clip playout can also be used for back-up material in emergency situations.

Imagestore Intuition's automated character generator has been enhanced with multilanguage support and soft shadows. The character generator is ideal for data-driven applications, and offers virtually unlimited playout of text crawls, rolls, and dynamic text layers. It also offers full creative freedom with respect to text styles, backgrounds, and the dynamic qualities of individual graphic/animation layers. Timeline control is available for complex animation effects, including single shot, in-loop-out, and multiloop playout. The processor's software suite has also been redesigned to speed workflow from graphics preparation to proofing and playout.

ii) Advanced aspect ratio control features for award-winning up/down/crossconverter

Miranda's award-winning XVP HD interfacing family has been enhanced with the new XVP-811i HD/SD up/down/crossconverter. This new interface features sophisticated aspect ratio conversion using the soon to be standardized Advanced Format Descriptor (AFD). This allows broadcasters to manage aspect ratio conversion automatically and effectively using embedded control signaling.

The XVP-811i also offers 5.1 to left/right downmixing for easy audio monitoring of downconverted HD signals. A Dolby E Metadata insertion capability provides efficient distribution of audio information across a plant, including dialogue level and dynamic range control information. Additional key features include frame synchronization, video proc amp, and audio processing with mux/demux. The XVP family comprises a range of HD/SD interfaces that can be easily upgraded in the field to the full XVP-811i specification, thereby simplifying maintenance and minimizing infrastructure costs.

iii) New HD-Bridge HDV to HD-SDI interface with ASI input, genlock, and 24p support

The HD-Bridge DecDXC is a new version of Miranda's successful HDV to HD-SDI interface with multiple new features for newsgathering, editing, and transmission. The interface's ASI to HD-SDI conversion capability allows long range monitoring during HDV newsgathering, as well as easy recording and transmission, when it is combined with Miranda's ASI-Bridge CAM HDV-to-ASI converter.

The HD-Bridge DecDXC also features a genlock input for broadcast applications, as well as 720p24 HDV to 1080p24 HD-SDI conversion for native 24p production and editing. Other new features include an HDV downconverter for SD editing and a simultaneous composite video output for low-cost monitoring.

iv) Extended HD monitoring capabilities for Kaleido multi-image display processors

Multiple new HD monitoring capabilities have been added to the Kaleido-Alto-HD and Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processors. For effective operations in master control, the Kaleido-Alto-HD now offers advanced video and audio probing, including signal black, freeze and luminance too high, audio presence, overload, mono, and out-of-phase alarms. These alarms can be reported onscreen, or via SNMP to other monitoring devices such as Miranda's iControl for logging and strategic monitoring views. The Kaleido-Alto-HD can be combined with the new Allegro RGB high-quality, realtime MPEG-4 streaming encoder to provide 10-channel remote monitoring and production over IP.

Many new monitoring features have also been added to the advanced Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processor, including decoding Dolby Metadata information, such as channel lineup and the dialog normalization value for onscreen display. In addition, advanced new aspect ratio control features include onscreen reporting of the Advanced Format Descriptor (AFD), with automatic video window aspect ratio reconfiguration from the AFD information.

The new Densite Series HD Control Probe operates with Miranda's iControl facility management system to provide highly effective HD monitoring over IP with streaming telemetry data.

v) New picoLink 12-bit miniature interfaces

Miranda has also launched two new picoLink 12-bit miniature interfaces: the ENC-291p SDI to composite (NTSC/PAL) encoder, and the DEC-291p composite (NTSC/PAL) to SDI decoder. These ultra-lightweight and affordable interfaces offer high-quality conversion for a wide range of monitoring and conversion applications.