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Miranda launches X-3D graphics processor at IBC2007

Miranda has launched a 3-D graphics authoring and rendering platform, called X-3D, for advanced HD/SD production graphics applications.

X-3D incorporates advanced processing technology from Ventuz, a 3-D graphics specialist, and integrates closely with Miranda’s Xmedia Suite template-based graphics workflow tools. These applications provide asset management, data interfacing and newsroom integration, using MOS for the delivery of rundown information.

With the 3-D rendering done in real time, any changes affecting the graphics, either from data or from controlling systems, will take effect immediately.

X-3D can generate sophisticated animation effects using 3-D primitives and imported objects. It offers texture and material mappings, as well as shading and 3-D lighting. Dynamic motions using motion manipulators, like motion damping, can also be used to add physical accuracy to animations.

Another application, the Xnews NRCS plug-in, allows journalists to create pages from graphics templates to support news stories. The Xplay media event sequencer using the MOS protocol for the delivery of rundown information from the newsroom system can drive complex production graphics sequences.

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