Miranda extends its range of Imaging Series interfacing modules

Miranda Technologies has extended its range of Imaging Series interfacing modules with the new UVP-101i universal video processor/synchronizer and the UAP-712i dual universal audio processor. Both modules can accept digital or analog signals, simplifying the management of multi-format incoming feeds.

The UVP-101i features composite and SDI (with embedded AES) inputs allowing a single module to be used with either analog or digital incoming feed signals. The analog input's adaptive decoder can handle a variety of decoding modes, including 1D, 2D, and 3D, and the built-in synchronizer can be used to lock remote feeds to a local reference or to delay video signals by up to four frames. The integrated proc-amp provides a wide range of video level adjustments, as well as providing AGC and TBC functionality.

The UVP-101i provides 12-bit video signal processing and 20-bit audio embedding/de-embedding. It is designed to operate alongside the new UAP-712i dual universal audio processing module. The UVP-101i can extract embedded audio, pass it to the audio processor module for processing, and then re-embed the audio at the output. A delay-tracking output allows the audio processor to match the video delay introduced by the UVP-101i. Additionally, the UVP-101i module provides complete control of the VANC/VBI, allowing each line to be passed, blanked, or processed.

The UAP-712i dual universal audio processor is a 24-bit analog and digital audio processor that can process two stereo analog channels or two AES audio inputs, allowing each channel to be swapped, phase inverted, muted, summed, and level adjusted. The module features two delay elements: a user-adjustable fixed delay and a video tracking delay, typically linked to the Miranda UVP-101i video processing/synchronizer module. The UAP-712i's digital outputs can be locked to an external reference signal such as video, AES, or a word clock.

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