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Miranda advances production studio signal management and monitoring

Miranda Technologies will bring integrated studio signal management and monitoring systems, comprised of several of its individual products combined into a single workflow, to the IBC show in September.

To simplify monitoring and signal management in production studios and trucks, Miranda has tightened the integration between its NVISION 8500 Hybrid routers with audio processing and its Kaleido multiviewers. The company has also added support for third-party production switchers.

By using advanced integration software, these combined multiviewer and router systems behave like a single solution to reduce studio complexity, and also increase system flexibility, redundancy and scalability. This high level of router/multiviewer integration also provides advanced source tracing from the router across multiple studios, with powerful tally capabilities.

The NVISION 8500 Hybrid 3Gb/s HD routers at the core of these studio systems provide built-in embedded audio processing to save space and costs, while also streamlining source control and cabling. This audio processing also avoids the signal timing issues associated with the use of external de-embedders/embedders in studios.

For playout facilities, Miranda will be showing its enhanced IT-based content delivery solution, which tightly integrates the iTX automation and playout with its graphics workflow tools, and advanced facility monitoring. This system also incorporates multiple broadcast infrastructure elements, including intelligent switching and loudness management.

The iTX automation and playout at the heart of this solution uses enterprise-grade IT servers and software to unify and streamline ingest, media management, schedule management, asset management, automation, master control, graphics and multiformat playout. This architecture reduces the complexity of a facility and maintenance requirements. It also provides unprecedented resilience and scalability, along with exceptionally fast new channel deployment.

The playout system’s monitoring capabilities are provided by the Kaleido family multiviewers and iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring, which are tightly integrated with the iTX automated playout. For example, the multiviewers highlight the next event information from the automation, and the facility monitoring shows the health of the overall playout system, including the IT servers and IP network.