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MicroVideo introduces seamless HD/SD emergency switch

MicroVideo has introduced a 2 x 1 HD/SD video switch card that can be used as either a 2 x 1 seamless emergency switch or as a flawless production switch under GPI control. The model HDS 201S can be combined with other MicroVideo switches for AES, ASI and analog video switching in a 1RU package.

The HDS 201S can be used in a hot stand-by switch project or added for a low-cost production switch. The HDS 201S is a synchronous switch for HD/SD-SDI signals, providing automatic and seamless switching of critical digital paths. It can be set to switch seamlessly between two mistimed input sources even on loss of the primary feed.

The HDS 201S has two modes of emergency switching: automatic and non-resetting. When set to automatic, the HDS 201S will immediately switch back to the primary signal once that signal has been restored. In the non-resetting mode, the secondary input remains routed to the output until you reset the switch. Tally outputs give status of the selected source, allowing GPIs to be triggered. Up to four HDS 201S cards may be installed in a 1RU frame with dual power supplies for PS failure protection.

The HDS switch is perfect for production applications where larger routers are not cost-effective or do not offer the safety measure of emergency switching.

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