Meduza Systems Introduces Single Camera 3DTV Solution

LONDON and IRVINE, CA.: Meduza Systems announced the availability of the TITAN, reportedly the first fully controllable 3D HD camera for television production.

The announcement was made by Chris Cary, CEO of 3D Visual Enterprises Meduza Systems’ parent company.

“There is no doubt that content is king when it comes to driving the television market and right now there clearly isn’t enough 3D television content being produced,” said Cary, during the announcement.

The TITAN features two 1080p CMOS sensors and convergence accuracy of up to 1/1000 of a degree. Footage can be recorded at speeds ranging from 24 to 120 fps in 10 bit. It is housed in a lightweight titanium body and weighs in at 7.5 pounds.

The camera is marketed to provide on-the-fly sports coverage as well as use in documentaries.

The TITAN will be on display at the Entertainment Technology Exposition, being held Nov. 2-3 at the Marriot in Burbank, Calif.