MediaKind Launches Personalization Suite for Ad, Content Rights at IBC2018

AMSTERDAM--At IBC2018, MediaKind, formerly Ericsson Media Solutions, has launched the MediaKind Personalization Suite, with a new workflow designed to allow service providers and broadcasters to deliver more relevant and personalized advertising. The MediaFirst Personalization Suite is a member of the company’s new Orion family of solutions that forms part of the wider MediaKind Universe portfolio.

The suite is designed to help transition broadcasters and service providers from the traditional one to many approach to the more personalized approach enabled by IP, which also brings along with it, new monetization opportunities.

The MediaKind Personalization Suite includes the newly launched placement and content distribution rights (PRISMA) application, an advertising product that comes pre-integrated with MediaKind’ Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), encoding & packaging, storage and delivery capabilities. This product gives TV service providers and broadcasters access to real-time broadcast schedule ingest from the playout automation system, and the ability to frame-accurately identify different placement opportunities such as ad breaks and ad spots or any other program boundaries.

Frame accurate signaling allows multiple use cases downstream including blackout, dynamic ad insertion and program substitution. With greater control and accuracy over the delivery of ad content, the ground is prepared for downstream Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) which in turn removes in particular any latency at the time of switching between original programming and replacing or inserting ad spots to ensure a true TV-like quality of experience for viewers, with reduced customer churn.

The MediaKind Personalization Suite also offers protection of audience data and its value to TV service providers and broadcasters. The application prevents leakage of this data to the Demand side and ensures it reaches its full value, by using a full abstraction layer between the operator’s cost per engagement (CPE) and the Demand side. In partnerships with leading ad tech suppliers, MediaKind is embedding a full trading stack to support both Direct and Programmatic inventory sales methods.

Further information about the MediaKind Personalization Suite, is on the new Orion family solution page.