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London's The Look chooses Quantel

The Look, a new boutique HD/DI facility in London, has purchased a Quantel eQFX system for editing, effects, color grading and deliverables. Quantel designed the eQ to deliver four revenue streams — editing, effects, color grading and deliverables — for its owners. The system works at SD, HD or mixed resolutions.

The small facility, run by veteran colorist Thomas Urbye, plans to build its business around a single machine. The eQ will be used on each step of a project — to conform, tweak the cut, online, grade, do visual effects, title and then play out.

The Look's eQFX system is configured with six hours of HD-RGB storage to allow a number of projects to be worked on simultaneously. The facility plans to work with new HD formats such as Viper, Genesis, ARRI D20, Varicam and the Sony F23. It will offer weekend workshops where various cameras are connected directly to the grading suite.

The eQ workstation is available in a range of configurations, starting with the eQ pay-as-you-go HD system and scaling up, via eQ HD-RGB, to the high-power, all-inclusive eQ FX. The system's Time Magic feature eliminates the need to wait for rendering.

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