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Livestream Announces Ad-Free Live Streaming Service

NEW YORK –Livestream, a live-event coverage software provider, has opened access to its suite of live video and live blogging tools. The suite includes encoding software for Mac and PC, ad-free event pages and mobile broadcasting to the web from the Livestream for Producers iPhone app. does not impose banner ads, pre-roll and mid-roll video, which often accompany viewing on the web or via mobile devices.

“Videos wrapped with banners and pre-roll ruin the viewer experience, especially with live events where you can miss the moments that matter most. After looking at our ad-supported pages and player and realizing they looked like a MySpace page from five years ago, I knew we needed to do something to better our customers’ experience,” said Max Haot, Co-Founder and CEO. “Building New Livestream from the ground up allowed us to think outside the box and provide free, ad-free, live streaming to anyone with a connection to the web."

The iPhone app features live video broadcasting, allowing users to share their events in real-time while simultaneously posting text updates, photos and video clips. The Android app is scheduled to release soon with full streaming capabilities. With the updates, users can share live video to an online audience for free from the palm of their hand.

Livestream’s engineering approach offers live video broadcasting over 3G via the iPhone app. The company tested the app against competing services in New York City’s Times Square. Watch it here: