Litepanels shines bright for new CBS prime-time drama

Litepanels fixtures are being used for production of the new CBS series “The Defenders,” a drama that focuses on the lives of two Las Vegas lawyers.

Cinematographer Alan Caso used two 1x1 Litepanels fixtures with self-contained batteries for the show. He said they can fit in tight spots where other lights with the equivalent luminance cannot.

The CBS series extends well beyond the courtroom, using the city of Las Vegas and its casinos as a backdrop. Because of this, the Litepanels 1x1 have proven valuable: They can easily illuminate small corners of an office, inside a car or in a helicopter.

Powered via battery or AC, Litepanels said the ultra-flat 1x1 profile is its most versatile production light. Designed for quick setup and operation, the fixture mounts easily overhead, or elsewhere, to bathe a studio in soft, directional and luminous output.

Its modular housing can be combined into 2ft by 2ft and 4ft by 4ft multipanel configurations to fit a wide range of jobs. The 1x1’s optional snap-on battery allows for location shooting without generators or power cables.