Liberty Wire & Cable unveils new RGBHV cables and compression connectors

Liberty Wire & Cable is shipping its new QuickLinx Mini RGBHV cables and new ConnecTec Compression Connectors.

Liberty´s new QuickLinx Mini RGBHV cables feature efficient solid-center conductors and are available in 25 and 23 AWG versions. The solid conductor construction provides better signal distance and frequency response than conventional stranded-center conductor cables. The 25 AWG cable is intended for longer runs, while the 23 AWG cable is swept to 3GHz, which is along the lines of short runs and HD applications. It delivers premium performance for all analog video applications. Liberty continues to offer a 23 AWG serial digital, single-coaxial legacy cable that served as the basis for the new RGBHV design. This HD cable is swept to 4.5GHz. All the cables are available in bulk.

The new ConnecTec Compression Connectors are also available in versions for 25 and 23 AWG cables. The cables´ solid-center conductor allows the use of a one-piece connector, as in Liberty´s popular ConnecTec RG59 and RG6 series of cables. Usually, mini RGB cables have stranded-center conductors and need three- or four-piece connectors for successful termination.

The simpler one-piece connector helps installers using 25 and 23 AWG cables achieve the same timesavings they experience using the RG59 and RG6 cables. ConnecTec BNC connectors for the new cables are available in nickel-plated versions. RCA connectors are available in both nickel- and gold-plated versions.

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